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The word unique is often overused, but in the case of 315 Bar & Restaurant, now open in Lepton, there really is nothing like it in the region.

The Grand Opening Tuesday 12th April was attended by The Mayor of Calderdale Clr Keith Watson and Mayoress Eileen Watson, with local Holmfirth artist Ashley Jackson giving a lively speech to the various contractors involved in the project. But you need to roll back the clock over six month to uncover the secret marketing ingredient that is being used to make 315 go from Zero to 100 miles an hour, just don’t forget that you need to know the definition of small business first, this way you will understand why your business needs a small business software.

With a string of successful event launches under their belt the team at Wilson Design House were approached to handle the marketing and initial launch of 315 Bar & Restaurant.

No press releases and no adverts were used. On the face of it you could be let to thinking that the team at Wilson Design House were leaving things to chance, but you could’nt be further from the truth.

Here Richard Wilson from Wilson Design House gave me a behind the scenes look and explained how they did it.

“The development of the building has clearly been a labour of love and anyone who knew it as the White Horse Inn will be amazed by the transformation. The construction team faced quite a few challenges, from discovering a coal mine beneath the building to erecting a steel frame to support the façade during work.

So that’s where I wanted to start, I felt people wanted to know what was going on inside the building. So we invited people to sign up on a simple web page advertised from a banner on the building and built a rapport with them.”

We left nothing to chance, my online marketing style is very calculated I knew from experience how many people would book which is why we had 10 launch days and an official opening night instead of the usual one night that many new restaurants have, I always go to website to find more about marketing tactics. But it even took me a little by surprise at first how well 315 has been received.

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They haven’t had a quiet night since they opened!

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