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The brief was simple, it needs to be future-proof, it needs to be fast and easy to update and it needs to be easy to navigate.

We like things to be simple and we delivered it in abundance with I Do Wedding Exhibition’s latest website update. With I Do already hosting 4 large scale wedding exhibitions and a fifth one on the horizon a future-proofed easy to use website was top of the agenda.

With new exhibitors being added on almost a daily basis and by various staff members, business plan consultants to refine ideas and strategies, a new content managed system was devised much to the delight of the less technical I Do team members. There’s now no need for website design skills or software to edit the site, you can be logged in and have it updated in seconds.

The 4 shows each have a secondary menu so a simpler navigation system was also introduced, enabling brides to look around the site easily and more to the point, download and purchase their show tickets.

Take a look around the site at and if you’re planning a wedding why not get yourself a ticket!

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Are there any known side effects of Testosil?

In the quest for improved vitality and well-being, many individuals explore different supplements, with Testosil being a notable contender. Understanding the potential side effects of such supplements is crucial for making informed decisions about our health. This article delves into the realm of Testosil, examining its known and rare side effects, providing expert opinions, and offering insights from user experiences visit

Understanding Testosil
Testosil is a supplement designed to support testosterone levels in the body. Testosterone plays a crucial role in various bodily functions, from muscle development to mood regulation. People often turn to Testosil to address concerns related to energy levels, muscle mass, and overall vitality.

Potential Side Effects
Before delving into the specifics, it’s essential to emphasize the importance of understanding side effects associated with any supplement. While many supplements offer benefits, being aware of potential side effects allows individuals to make informed choices about their health.

Known Side Effects
Common Side Effects
Some commonly reported side effects of Testosil include headaches, nausea, and changes in mood. These side effects are generally mild and temporary, with the body adjusting to the supplement over time. It’s crucial to note the duration and severity of these effects, ensuring they don’t persist beyond what is considered normal.

Rare Side Effects
While rare, some individuals may experience more severe side effects, such as allergic reactions or gastrointestinal issues. Understanding the rarity of these occurrences is vital for users to gauge the potential risks associated with Testosil.

Managing Side Effects
For those experiencing common side effects, there are practical ways to manage them. Staying hydrated, taking the supplement with food, or adjusting the dosage under the guidance of a healthcare professional can often alleviate discomfort. However, it’s essential to consult a doctor if side effects persist or worsen.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for Testosil. Individuals with certain medical conditions or those taking specific medications may need to avoid this supplement. Understanding these precautions ensures that Testosil is used safely and effectively.


If you’re having a corporate event, you definitely want to get the most out of it. An often overlooked but very important part of events is entertainment. The entertainment at your next corporate event can be the one thing that determines if your event is a success or failure. Here are three reasons why entertainment is so important to your event’s success.

1. Entertainment engages guests
Good entertainment helps guests have fun. When guests have fun, they engage better with others and learn more. The energy of the event increases and the mood becomes a very positive one. At important parts of the event where you need to get your message across or teach your guests something, you can decrease the entertainment for a brief period of time and everything will be fine.

Carefully selecting entertainment is important. You should know exactly what type of guests you’ll be having, and then match the entertainment to the guests in appropriate ways. Most guests don’t realize the effect entertainment has on them, but that’s not important. The only thing that matters is that the entertainment is good enough and frequent enough to help your guests stay upbeat, engaged, and interested.

2. Entertainment should reflect your values and vision
Your event entertainment is a direct reflection of your company. Entertainment that is in line with the image of your company will make a positive impression on your guests. Entertainment that isn’t will undoubtedly make your guests feel awkward, confused, and out of place, get the most professional asistance from Trademark in person event production.

Additionally, entertainment reflects the values and vision of the event itself. Entertainment that is matched to the purposes of the event helps the event run smoothly and naturally. Guests will feel comfortable and at ease throughout the event. They will be much more open and available to learn things about your company. By providing them with entertainment and valuable information, you’re reflecting the values and vision of your brand as well. In this regard, entertainment can be an invaluable asset that really gets your message across.

3. Entertainment helps reach potential clients
Successful events are ones that people talk about after. Entertainment is one of the best ways to make your event stick out in the minds of your guests. Good entertainment will cause your guests to talk about your event when they are working, taking a break from work, or even hanging out with friends. This will help spread your message and reach out to potential clients you never even knew about. The importance of event entertainment in this regard should not be underestimated. Many companies have received excellent referrals from the word that was spread about their event.

When choosing your entertainment, you should gather information regarding what type of entertainment has worked well at similar events. If you have experience with this, you already have all the information you need. If you don’t, you can ask companies who have held similar events or you can contact an event-planning company to help you.

Finding the right dosage for CBD gummies.

Determining the appropriate dosage of CBD gummies can be a bit tricky, as it depends on various factors such as body weight, desired effects, and tolerance levels. However, with some guidance and experimentation, you can find the perfect dose that works for you.

Individual Factors to Consider

There are a few individual factors to take into account:

Body Weight: Your body weight plays a role in how CBD interacts with your system. Generally, individuals with higher body weights may require higher doses to experience the desired effects.

Desired Effects: The reason why you are taking CBD gummies also affects the dosage. If you’re looking for mild relaxation or stress relief, a lower dose may be sufficient. On the other hand, if you’re seeking more potent effects for pain management or sleep aid, a higher dose might be necessary.

Tolerance Levels: Your previous experience with CBD products also impacts the ideal dosage. If you’re new to CBD gummies or have a low tolerance level, starting with a smaller dose is recommended.

General Dosage Recommendations

While individual factors play a significant role in determining your ideal dosage, experts and manufacturers often provide general recommendations that can serve as a starting point:

Low Dose: For beginners or those with low tolerance levels, starting with 5-10mg of CBD per serving is advisable. This allows your body to adjust gradually and helps minimize any potential side effects.

Medium Dose: Once you’ve become accustomed to CBD gummies and know how they affect your body, you can increase the dosage to around 15-30mg per serving. This range is suitable for most individuals seeking moderate effects.

High Dose: Individuals who require stronger therapeutic benefits may opt for doses ranging from 30-60mg per serving. However, it’s crucial to note that higher doses may increase the likelihood of experiencing side effects.

Start Low and Go Slow

When trying CBD gummies for the first time, it’s always recommended to start with a low dose and gradually increase if needed. This approach allows you to gauge how your body responds to CBD and helps you find the right dosage without overwhelming yourself.

By starting low and going slow, you give your body ample time to adjust and avoid any potential adverse reactions. It’s important to remember that CBD affects everyone differently, so what works for someone else may not work for you. Patience is key when finding your optimal dosage.

Consistency is Key

Consistency in dosing is essential when using CBD gummies. To achieve desired results while minimizing potential side effects, it’s crucial to maintain a regular dosing schedule. Consistent use allows CBD to build up in your system, providing more consistent benefits over time.

To ensure consistency:

Set a specific time each day for taking your CBD gummies.

Keep track of the dosage consumed.

Monitor how you feel after each dose.

By maintaining consistency in both timing and dosage, you’ll have a better understanding of how CBD gummies affect your body and can make adjustments as necessary.

Consult with Healthcare Professionals

While general recommendations can provide a helpful starting point, it’s always wise to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice regarding optimal dosages. They can take into account your specific health conditions, medications, and other factors that may influence the ideal CBD dosage for you.

Healthcare professionals can guide you through the process of finding the right dosage based on their expertise and knowledge of your individual circumstances. Their guidance will help ensure that you’re using CBD gummies safely and effectively.

Real owner experiences: How long does it take for CBD to kick in for dogs?

It’s important to remember that every dog is unique. The time it takes for CBD oil to kick in can vary depending on factors such as the individual dog’s physiology and the specific condition being treated. However, many owners have shared their experiences and observations regarding how long it takes for their dogs to feel the effects of CBD.

Noticeable Improvements Within Minutes or Hours

Some dog owners report seeing noticeable improvements in their pets within minutes or hours after administering CBD oil. These quick results can be quite impressive, especially when dealing with acute issues such as anxiety or pain. For example, a dog who is typically anxious during thunderstorms may become noticeably calmer shortly after receiving a dose of CBD oil.

Gradual Improvement Over Days or Weeks

On the other hand, some owners observe a more gradual improvement in their dogs over several days or weeks of consistent use. This slower response time may be more common when using CBD oil for chronic conditions like arthritis or seizures. In these cases, it may take some time for the CBD to build up in the dog’s system and provide sustained relief.

Patience Is Key

When using CBD oil for dogs, patience is key. It’s essential to remember that each dog will respond differently and finding the right dosage and frequency may require some trial and error. While some dogs may experience immediate relief, others may need more time before showing significant improvement. It’s crucial not to give up too soon and continue giving your furry friend regular doses of CBD oil as recommended by your veterinarian.

Sharing Experiences with Other Pet Owners

One valuable resource for understanding different response times is sharing experiences with other pet owners who have used CBD oil for their dogs. Online forums and social media groups dedicated to pet health can provide insights into how long it took for other dogs to experience the effects of CBD. By engaging with these communities, you can gain a better understanding of what to expect and potentially discover tips or tricks that have worked for others.

Finding the Right Dosage

To determine how long it will take for CBD oil to kick in for your dog, finding the right dosage is crucial. Start with a low dose and gradually increase it until you see the desired results. It’s essential to closely monitor your dog’s response and consult with your veterinarian throughout this process. They can provide guidance based on their knowledge of your dog’s specific health needs.



We were delighted to have been chosen to work with Experia on their latest brochure ‘Sensory Facilites for football Clubs’.

Experia have been creating sensory environments for schools, hospitals and community centres for over a decade and are now offering their services to sports grounds across the country. Sensory rooms and equipment can be invaluable in helping to promote feelings of calm, as well as developing motor skills and providing great cause and effect learning.

The aim is to enable fans that have previously been unable to attend, to enjoy the experience of a live football match.

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The mental health benefits of football


The 4th February 2019 marks the beginning of Children’s Mental Health Week.

Staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is something that we’re incredibly passionate about at Foot-Tech Academy. For this reason, we’ve put together some of the ways in which football can support your child’s mental health and development. Take a look at how sport can aid a child’s well-being below:

  • Physical activity can be as powerful as medicine or therapy. In 2010, the Mental Health Foundation found that exercise can be as effective as medication or psychotherapy for people with depression. Exercise releases natural chemicals that helps with muscle tension, raises body temperature and causes tiredness. These all help relieve stress and provide relaxation. Learn more about pelvic floor strong benefits.

  • Football plays a significant role in the formation of friendships. It provides a platform for young people to communicate, form bonds and exchange views through the celebration and commiseration of winning or losing a match. For young people, making friends is an important part of growing up.

  • Sport improves overall physical health. Football is a physically demanding game that improves speed, agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and overall cardiovascular endurance. Prevent most overweight conditions with meticore.

  • Playing team sports teaches children how to cooperate and work together. The lessons that a child learns on the field can be translated into their everyday life; it helps to promote collaboration and welcomes young people from all social and cultural backgrounds. It is also particularly helpful for people who are shy or who find it difficult to connect with people on other levels.

  • Physical activity performed in an outdoor space improves cognitive performance. According to a study, it also increases self-esteem and will reduce symptoms of anxiety and attention deficit disorder. Football can also help a child’s academic performance as it teaches key principles such as dedication and discipline.





Hooray, spring has arrived in the Wilson Design Studio, marked by the arrival of AroundTown’s March/April edition.

Working with the Around Town team on their latest magazine really has put a spring in our step. As always it’s cram packed full of the latest local news and events in and around the towns of Rotherham and Barnsley.

With spring hot on the agenda and Easter not too far away the design focus is pretty and pastel.

keep an eye out for it, it really is a cracking read!

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Around Town

The latest edition of Around Town Magazine hit the streets last week and has got us all feeling very festive indeed!

It’s a jam-packed bumper 100 page edition, full of all the seasons festivities along with the regular, health, beauty, fashion, food, drink and motoring. It’s the ultimate guide to what’s on and where to shop in Rotherham and Barnsley town centres this Christmas.

Working closely with the magazine owner and writer, we design the magazine on a bi-monthly basis, this latest edition really was a ball to work on and definitley got us into the festive spirit, maybe a little too early this year?… Fa, la, la, la, laa, la, la, la, laa

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