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Social media is vast and today, there are so many platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube, which can be used by anyone in any way they like. While it is understood that if you generate content for youtube it’s a must to buy views, as gaining exposure as a new channel can at times get difficult but never the less the exposure the social media platforms provide if used in the right manner is enormous. The two giants which immediately spring to mind are Facebook and Twitter. Here Leanne give’s a little insight into Facebook and why she thinks it’s good to have a business profile…

One of the best things about having a Facebook Business Profile is that it’s free, simple to use and takes no time to set up. All you need is your logo for your profile picture, a picture for your cover photo, pop your contact info in and Hey Presto, you’re ready to start posting, liking, sharing and getting likes.

Facebook has over a billion users worldwide and is great because it can pretty much work for any business type. Apart from using to get trusted backlinks for your business domains, Facebook has shown itself to be quite fruitful. It’s low maintenance, so you can post once a day, week or even once a month updating your fans with your latest news.

It’s a great tool for driving traffic to your website too, using link posts. Link posts can now feature full width images, making them stand out in the news feed. This can also get you ranked higher by Google, so what are you waiting for, get linking, liking and sharing 🙂 You can get free utm builder, if you do it the right way, every single action you take for your online marketing efforts can be quantified.

Most Liked Facebook Pages in the UK

1. Manchester United – 66 805 019 fans

2. Mr Bean – 63 005 935 fans

3. Adele – 61 651 995 fans

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Have you ever clicked on an internet search result to find the text is too small and you’re having to zoom in and out to read the content? It can be a little frustrating can’t it?

More and more people are now using mobile phones to view and search the web, so it’s a good idea to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Your customers will find a mobile friendly site easy to use with little need for awkward rotating and zooming, allowing them to enjoy browsing, they’ll probably stay on your website longer too.
Did you know that if you’re website is mobile friendly and has mobile friendly pages, it is ranked higher in Google search results? You can check to see if your website is mobile friendly by entering your site at:

We talked about responsive websites in our last edition, where the website will automatically adjust depending on the device you’re viewing it from, be it a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. All the websites we design and develop are now designed with future-proofing in mind, they are all responsive and mobile friendly.

If you’ve got a website you would like us to take a look at or are thinking of having a new website give us a call on 01226 771000, we’d be happy to offer our expert advice.

315 New WebsiteWe are pleased to announce the launch of the brand new website for 315 Bar & Restaurant.

The website has been developed over several months so that it would work to get the best results for 315. The development also involved a full venue photo shoot. Because there has been many improvements and expansion in services they offer, it was important to show the whole venue in a new light on the website.

The site has been well received by the clients and the visitors alike and is hitting well over 1,000 visitors a month. This is also backed up by a vast database of member signups which is keeping the place busy every week.

Have a look for yourself…

Sash UK website launchThe South Yorkshire-based creative design specialist completed the new website to offer quick and easy access to essential information on Sash UK’s range of doors, windows and conservatories.

The work carried out by Wilson Design House is part of an ongoing marketing campaign from the company, which handles all Sash UK marcoms.

Sash UK choose to work with Wilson Design House because of its creative ideas on how it could enhance the quality and availability of information to Sash UK customers, which are predominately architects and installers. Metro Locksmith accompanies them in some installation projects with windows and doors.

The new website,, has been designed to provide a more user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality throughout. This allows customers to access detailed product information with the option to share information across all major social networking sites.

The new site includes extensive product information to help architects and installers understand the full range of products offered by Sash UK. Technical data, brochure downloads, videos and case studies all work together to provide a detailed overview of Sash UK capabilities. A password protected area allows customers to log in for secure access to their account details.

“This is our best website to date thanks to the creative approach taken by Wilson Design House,” said Stephen Morrell – Managing Director, Sash UK. “We have received some excellent feedback on how the site gives visitors much better access to our full range of products.”

Wilson Design House is now carrying out an ongoing programme to make sure that Sash UK’s new website continues to rank highly in search engine results.

The marketing company’s ability to provide clients with a one-stop-shop, from web design and build, through search engine optimization, takes away the hassle and costs of the multi-agency route. Are you missing out on organic traffic that could be turning into new customers? Sacramento SEO is the reverse engineering of Google’s search algorithm to help increase chances of a website’s ranking in search results. Find the best ADA compliance Boston services.  Your business can start making your site accessible to users everywhere. That proactive approach can help your company not only grow but also emphasize its commitment to serving users everywhere.

Richard Wilson, Managing Director of Wilson Design House said: “It is excellent news to hear that the Sash UK website is performing well. When it comes to websites, less is often more, and we think our slick new design for Sash UK demonstrates how this concept has delivered results for this forward-thinking organisation.”

To find out how our marketing ideas can make you stand out from the crowd, call Wilson Design House on: 01226 771000, or email Alternatively visit: