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“We know parts of our advertising is working,

we just don’t know which parts”.

Making your advertising accountable and how to handle your online business is not as straight forward as you might think

Understanding the Marketing paper trail

Trying to curtail the business costs and figuring out which of your marketing activities is working has puzzled businesses for years. In an ideal world we would only put our money into the advertising that we categorically 100% know IS delivering results. And, if I had to give one piece of advice that would be it.

But it’s a little more complex than that. Find a quality SEO in Milwaukee WI to help get your business online exposure. Ideally your marketing should be the sum of all parts and deliver a positive return on investment, SEO Company can get your website in front of more ready-to-buy customers faster and with less effort, that’s why SEO company in Delhi ans their team always work passionately and deliver the best to their clients!

(A positive ROI).

You see marketing and Social Boosting follows a bit of a paper trail and more often the “that’s what worked” factor is built in to the last thing that happened.


Ask the question “how did you hear about us” Answer “I looked at your website” Ok that’s great, you know your website</span? is converting visitors into calling customers. But this is the end of the marketing paper trail. Not the beginning. What you really need to know now is where it started.

How did they hear about your website? Was it from a search engine?  if it was – What key word did they type in. Did they type in your company name and if so how did they hear about your company. Companies like this  social media management get’s in charge of getting your business out there with social media. Was it from a leaflet you gave someone or was it from a magazine article where they read about you and wanted to know more so they searched for you online. If it was a leaflet, which leaflet, how did they get it. If was from a magazine, which magazine, which issue, which ad, which article and then how did they get to know about the magazine. Sometime when you ask your customers the questions, the answers you get won’t lead you to a logical conclusion.

At a recent exhibition we promoted we asked attendees to fill in a little box at the bottom, which asks where they heard about the exhibition. Here are the options…

How did you hear about the exhibition today? Please tick one of the following

·         Email

·         Search Engine

·         Radio

·         Road side banners

·         Posters leaflets

Funny thing is at least 1 in every 10 exhibitors ticked Radio and we know CATAGORICALLY that the exhibition hasn’t been advertised on the radio.

Search engine is ticked and when asked further (and we did by the way) we find that they really found out about the exhibition from an email or from the banner outside the hotel and wanted to know more…so they search for it on the internet

The last thing they did was “search on the internet” and they ticked Search engine. Remember it’s important to set expectations about the goals and projects your business has.

So you see, it’s one thing to ask your customer “how did you hear about us” but it’s another thing to keep asking and really dig out the truth and you’ll find it is the sum total of everything in your marketing mix that makes the difference.

I remember one person at the exhibition saying – a friend told me about the exhibition after she had seen a poster about the exhibition, so I looked on the website and booked a ticket”

Who gets the credit for that one?