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Is the exterior of your home needing a refresh? Looking for some ideas for a little curb appeal? While there are many ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, for the most dramatic transformation, painting the exterior of a house is hands down the best way! See how paint and some elbow grease can boost your curb appeal, personally I fully suggest working on your landscape or garden first, try out playground turf, it’s almost a free maintenance improvement.

However, if you want to have a relaxing place in your home, you might need to have a veranda in your backyard. Veranda decking is a more eco-friendly option than traditional wood decking. It’s a nice feeling to spend an afternoon sitting on the veranda and reading books while sipping coffee.

Last summer we decided to take on the big job of painting the exterior of our house …. ourselves! It was LONG overdue and we had been putting it off for a couple years. We decided to jump right in and get to work!

We were able to save thousands of dollars by painting the exterior ourselves and I’m so glad we did. Yes, it was a lot of work, but it was so worth it! We’ve never been afraid of a little bit (…ok A LOTTA BIT) of hard work. 

We love the way it transformed our home, but we aren’t the only ones who love it. Our neighbors are constantly telling us just how amazing our home looks now.

Before Painting the Exterior of our Home

From the moment we decided to purchase our home, I wanted to change the exterior. I HATED the orange colored brick. If I were to have my way I would have lime washed it or applied a German smear.

But, Steve was dead set against doing anything to the brick. I even toyed with the idea of removing the brick and adding rock. I’m ambitious, but not that ambitious.

So, in order to update the exterior of our home I would use paint. Paint is the most economical way to update your home. While this project was a lot of work, it was so worth it to me!

Should I paint the exterior of my house myself?

Let’s be real here, depending on the size and height of your house and the condition of the existing siding, preparing and painting a house on your own can be a tedious, difficult job. So I suggest that you hire a professional painting company.

Don’t paint your house yourself unless you have the time, tools, skills and stamina to do the work. I also recommend hiring London Pest Control services if you encounter bugs in your home on a daily basis.

I had most of the tools, I’m not afraid of a little hard work and I wanted it done!

Our home is a single story. If it was a two-story, I would have hired it out. I’m afraid of heights, so the really high parts on the front of the house Steve had to do.

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