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Since we have moved we are having a little issue with our internet connection. So, if you have sent us an email and we have not answered, please bear with us. Our emails and internet connection keeps dropping and we are trying our best to get back online.

We have now moved into our new offices. However, the phone lines have not fully transfered over. Our original numbers should all transfer to us here and you shouldn’t have a problem getting through.

If you do still have a problem, please call us on 01226 732 705

Hi everyone, we are pleased to announce that we have now moved as from Monday 15th June 2015 to our new offices in the center of Barnsley. Below is our new address:

The Coach House, 51 Sackville Street, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S70 2BZ

Our telephone number is still the same: 01226 77 1000.

If you need directions or a map to follow to find our new offices, click the link below to open up Google Maps: CLICK HERE

If you fancy visiting us, our doors are always open… well 9-5 Monday to Friday anyway 😀

Check out our fresh out of the box, shiny and sparkly, brand new website which we have just launched today!!! Did I mention it is OUR NEW website 🙂

Click here:

Wilson Design Website

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