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“I didn’t even know your business existed” To any business hearing those words should make you shudder.

Of course you’ll never hear your customer say them, or on the occasion that you do, its only after the job has been done or part completed.
As the saying goes ‘you can’t win em all’ but are you winning enough? Is your business being considered enough?

If orders and leads are coming in faster than you can process them, if you’re burning the midnight oil at the kitchen table long after the family has gone to bed. If you’re able to cherry pick and choose only the jobs that best fit your business. Then yes you are being considered plenty.

If that’s not the case, then why aren’t you being considered? Do you even know? But more to the point what are you doing about it?

Proactive or Reactive Marketing…

Reactive marketing has you scrabbling around, looking, seeking out the next new media in which to advertise. Choosing media first, sold by the next media rep that happens to walk through the door, with little regard to whether your message or the market are a right match for your business.

The order books may even start to fill, usually with whatever comes in, jobs bought on price. Anything just to get the machine rolling again. For a time you are considered. But then once the business is busy again. The marketing stops.

Proactive marketing is a system created to consistently and predictably bring in leads and clients that fit your business type. It can be altered, tweaked and tested to continually bring a stream of leads, you can define your ideal customer and craft a message to speak directly to them. Proactive marketing never stops, but keeps on delivering content and value to your prospective customer, make sure to ask the king kong digital marketing company for more information on this topic.

Of course you could opt for doing nothing, blame it on the economy, wait for the phone to ring, word of mouth always worked in the past right, you’re doing your best. Really?

This newsletter is and will continue to be part of our own proactive marketing strategy, as well as, I hope, a source of helpful ideas and strategies which you can use in your own business. And yes it’s printed onto real paper, sent through the post using royal mail and will be delivered to your post box, not your inbox, at our expense, every month.

Maybe this is something you could use to promote your business?

The humble newsletter, the original stalwart of communication. But the cost I hear you ask, why not send it by email?
Well we are also sending you a copy via email, maybe you’ll get a copy, but your over zealous spam filter may have other idea’s. Maybe you’ll read it on screen and give it the undivided attention you’re giving this printed version. Maybe not.

No, in an age when everyone has moved online and “social media” is the new marketing buzz word, printed media, so recently cast out, is more powerful than ever.

So here you have it, our newsletter. I sincerely hope you have enjoyed reading so far and enjoy the rest of it and maybe even consider us should you need any help marketing your business.

DeanI would just like to clarify something regarding the photo of me in our latest ‘Up Front’ newsletter as it seams to have tickled a few of you out there.

I am in actual fact stood on the staircase looking over the banister and not, knelt on the floor, hiding under my deck, sat on a small chair at my desk or modelling for a magazine. 😀

If you haven’t yet seen our new Newsletter, click the link below and let us know what you think.

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Hope you enjoy it, Dean 🙂

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