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It’s amazing what a difference professional photography can make to the over-all look of your brochure.

Fitrite’s latest brochure combines both location and studio shots with simple clean design.

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Having recently designed and produced a high-spec product brochure and price list range for Talurit UK’s new Xona Division, a need for storing the brochures became apparent.A new Storage box is created for safe tidy storage

With Talurit’s clients often being based in very industrial settings, the brief was to create storage to fit their brochure range, but above all, it needed to be robust, protective and provide longivity.

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A driveway replacement is almost inevitable after many years of natural wear and tear that every home’s driveway typically endure. Even if you rarely use your driveway, nature takes its toll, and severe weather damage can erode and destroy its essential components.

Consider the amount of weight that rests upon or passes over your driveway every day. Cars and larger vehicles can sit for days, weeks, months, and years impacting the surface. Driveway replacement costs and new driveway costs vary depending on materials and labor. But rest assured, we’ll dive into more on this below.

How Long Does a Driveway Last?

On average, you’ll have to consider doing an asphalt driveway replacement after approximately 20 years and a concrete driveway replacement after 25 years. If your driveway is nearing this age, repairing it isn’t as cost-effective as replacing it. Most older driveways will benefit from a replacement to add to the aesthetic appeal and value of a property. Get the most professional service from Rancho Cucamonga concrete delivery.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Driveway

For newer driveways, you have more options when it comes to repairing vs. replacing. When you’re looking into driveway replacement or repair, you may have questions like, ‘How much does a concrete driveway cost to repair?’ or ‘How much is a concrete driveway if I pour a new one?’ Some telltale signs your driveway is beyond repair and needs replacing include the following:

Multiple Visible Cracks

Multiple cracks are a sign that you need a driveway replacement. This issue is common on both concrete and asphalt surfaces. Over the years, gases and oils seep into the driveway surface and exacerbate existing cracks, causing rapid deterioration.


Potholes form when the ground under your driveway expands and contracts. This causes the surface material to weaken and pieces to fall inwards, causing large holes.

Drainage Issues

If your driveway drains water easily, it’s a sign that the materials are in good condition. However, if you have drainage issues, you need to consider a driveway replacement. Uneven, sloped driveways can cause water to collect in the middle or at the sides. The water can spill into your home’s foundation, causing irreversible and costly damage.

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