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AES winners

We would like to wish our clients Advanced Electrical Services (AES) a huge congratulations for winning the category of ‘Best Small and Medium Sized Business in the Wakefield Business Awards.

Now in it’s sixth year, the awards celebrate the district’s entrepreneurial spirit as well as incorporating new retail categories combining the success of an even wider range of businesses. AES were delighted to be shortlisted and to receive an invite to attend the Awards Ceremony on 16th June at The Unity Works building in the heart of Wakefield city centre.

Lee Johnson, Managing Director if AES said “It was amazing to get to the finals and be amongst some really great businesses, you go into these things never thinking you would win, I was totally taken aback”

It’s celebration’s all around this year for the electrical engineering experts who are also celebrating 30 years of business.

“Congratulations and well done guys, you really do deserve it”

A house fire is one of the most devastating types of building damage. The effects of a fire can be disastrous both to the contents of your home, but also to the health of your family.

If you have been in the unfortunate situation of suffering a house fire, one of the first tasks is to assess how much damage your home has suffered and what possessions have been lost in the fire. 50% of the fire damage from a home can be caused by the fire itself; the other percentage is caused by the water used to put it out and the drying afterwards that has occurred over the following days or weeks as residual water wicks through the building material of your home into walls and sometimes in to your floorboards, HVAC, and under floor insulation!! In certain situations, this can lead to mold growth behind the walls and into your ceiling (which you can’t actually see) that can cause secondary damage to property as well. When this happens, you may need to contact experts to check your systems. You might want to get more information from this link relating to insulation.

7 Steps to Mitigating and Restoring a Fire-Damaged Building | Ungerman, Inc.

The heat from a house fire can also cause damage to your walls, leaving cracks and holes. In the event of mold growth in your walls after a fire in your home or fire damage repair to your home or business caused by water or a sprinkler systems failure our licensed general contractors are experts at locating the cause and then repairing the damage (mold growth) be it drywall repairs with framing for a return to restore your home back to its original state from structural damage caused by fire or water intrusion into the walls.

And remember, fire and smoke damage restoration can get expensive, but homeowners insurance typically offers protection for your property and its contents, normally, they’ll let professionals like the LMR Public Adjusters for fire damage insurance claim take note of the damages caused by the fire and provide expert fire damage restoration service. As long as your insurance company approves your claims and covers whatever gets damaged in a fire or smoke disaster in your home’s premises everything should come out fine in the end.

However if your company does not pay out for what they claim they owe you or worse attempt to deny your claim you’ll need an experienced fire insurance claim attorney on your side to help protect your rights and get you the compensation you’re owed under the law for the damages done to your home due to unforeseen events out of your control like house fires. This will allow you to pay for the needed fire damage restoration services including fire deodorization, and eventually to you getting things back on track.

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