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Sash UK, who operate one of the largest and most advanced windows and doors manufacturing facilities in the UK launch their new Composite Door Range with a brochure re-fresh.

Featuring hundred’s of door options, from colour, finish, handle type, letterbox style, glazing design, the new brochure showcases the quality of their products and the vast choice available with a clean, crisp, modern design.

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A driveway replacement is almost inevitable after many years of natural wear and tear that every home’s driveway typically endure. Even if you rarely use your driveway, nature takes its toll, and severe weather damage can erode and destroy its essential components.

Consider the amount of weight that rests upon or passes over your driveway every day. Cars and larger vehicles can sit for days, weeks, months, and years impacting the surface. Driveway replacement costs and new driveway costs vary depending on materials and labor. But rest assured, we’ll dive into more on this below.

How Long Does a Driveway Last?

On average, you’ll have to consider doing an asphalt driveway replacement after approximately 20 years and a concrete driveway replacement after 25 years. If your driveway is nearing this age, repairing it isn’t as cost-effective as replacing it. Most older driveways will benefit from a replacement to add to the aesthetic appeal and value of a property. Get the most professional service from Rancho Cucamonga concrete delivery.

Repairing vs. Replacing Your Driveway

For newer driveways, you have more options when it comes to repairing vs. replacing. When you’re looking into driveway replacement or repair, you may have questions like, ‘How much does a concrete driveway cost to repair?’ or ‘How much is a concrete driveway if I pour a new one?’ Some telltale signs your driveway is beyond repair and needs replacing include the following:

Multiple Visible Cracks

Multiple cracks are a sign that you need a driveway replacement. This issue is common on both concrete and asphalt surfaces. Over the years, gases and oils seep into the driveway surface and exacerbate existing cracks, causing rapid deterioration.


Potholes form when the ground under your driveway expands and contracts. This causes the surface material to weaken and pieces to fall inwards, causing large holes.

Drainage Issues

If your driveway drains water easily, it’s a sign that the materials are in good condition. However, if you have drainage issues, you need to consider a driveway replacement. Uneven, sloped driveways can cause water to collect in the middle or at the sides. The water can spill into your home’s foundation, causing irreversible and costly damage.

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AES (Advanced Electrical Services), established since 1985, have built up quite a reputation for their expertise and innovation in the field of electrical contracting, with a large and varied client base.

The Problem

Being industry leaders, their already established logo, website and marketing material was a little dated and didn’t really reflect their expertise, professionalism and company ethos. They were looking to attract new contracts and increase their client base, so wanted a logo refresh, new branding and all new marketing strategy.

The Solution

Their logo was already widely recognisable, so we gave it a modern feel with a slight re-style. We designed and built a new website incorporating their new logo and a fresh contemporary look, which has been applied across all their marketing material. Part of their new marketing strategies is their newsletter ‘Wired’, which is designed, printed by the best printing services (look here to get the details) and mailed out to new and existing customers on a bi-monthly basis. Their new marketing campaign and strategies have seen their workload increase and their client base grow.Advanced Electrical Services

Don’t understatement the potential of your Logo

By designing a great logo and putting it on your website and other  materials, you can immediately convey that you mean business. Remember that almost 70% of companies say it is cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one, the more you can do to build trust, the stronger your business will be.

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Have a look at the work in our portfolio > Advanced Electrical Services

“It really has been a pleasure working with everyone at Wilson Design House and our relationship has grown from strength to strength. We honestly believe that as our business grows there will always be a place for them at our side”

Lee & Gill Johnson – Advanced Electrical Services

315 Bar & RestaurantBackground

We were approached by 315 Bar And Restaurant during their extensive kitchen renovation project such as adding new countertops and mosaic tiles. The chic, stylish restaurant based in the Yorkshire countryside just outside Huddersfield had their grand opening in 2011. They offer high-quality modern cuisine in a contemporary and stylish setting.

The Problem

The new 315 Bar And Restaurant needed branding that reflected their luxurious surroundings and high quality cuisine. They also needed to raise awareness and inform people of the opening of this new sophisticated eating spot.315 Bar & Restaurant

The Solution

Liaising with their head chef Jason Neilson and interior designer Joan Webb of JW Interior Design, a new identity was created. The branding subtly incorporates aspects of the interior decor which is carried through their signage and table menu’s, which all work seamlessly with their surroundings.

An advertising and marketing campaign was created in the run up to their grand opening. This included VIP invitations and the event was attended by local press. The popular eatery has an enviable reputation both locally and further afield.

Other work has included the design and build of their website, promotional brochures, advertisements and professional photoshoots.315 Bar & Restaurant

We have just launched their brand new website on 1st October 2015, take a look at

Have a look at the work in our portfolio > 315 Bar & Restaurant

Here’s what head chef Jason Neilson thinks of it:

“Excellent, modern very clear design, easy and simple to use and it’s not confusing at all”

Jason Neilson – 315 Bar And Restaurant

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