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Pregnancy Photograph

So last time we talked about varying the height at which you take your photos, this time I want to talk about light. Light will make or break your photos. Photography literally means to write with light.

So what is good light? Well that’s too much to discuss in one article – but we can make a start with texture, dimension and shape. I can demonstrate that easily.

All you need is an egg, an egg cup, a torch and a room you can turn the lights out in. Place the egg in the egg cup, turn on the torch and turn out the lights! Shine the torch straight ahead at the egg. You’ll see it looks flat, like it’s been cut out of paper and stood up – it’s totally 2 dimensional – that’s bad light…and where is the flash on your camera? Pretty much where the torch is – shining straight ahead. Now move the torch to the left, or right – and maybe up a bit. See the shadows start to form on one side and highlights on the other – moving the light source starts to give that texture, dimension and shape we’re looking for. So next time you’re taking a picture of a friend or loved one, try turning that flash off and positioning them near a window – get the light coming in from the same angle as where you moved that torch and get some well lit portraits.

And remember – have fun!

Niel Stewart, Photographer

Better PhotographyOK, so I’m no Derren Brown… but I bet I can guess how tall you are, even though we’ve never met, just by looking at photo’s you’ve taken.

There are so many ways to take better photos, but you can start without even getting into what your camera settings are.

Most people take their photos at one height, theirs.  If you’re 5’ 10” all your images are taken from that height.  Want better photos?  Vary the height, vary 
the angle.

In the example shot I went for a really low viewpoint to emphasise the dramatic sky in the shot, which looks great, but I’m sure I’m still finding sand in unmentionable places!

Kneel down, stand on something (solid!), lay down, crouch – anything to change that view.  Really think about where you take the photo from – and don’t be afraid to experiment.  The days of 24 pics or 36 are long gone (yes I’m showing my age – I used to shoot film) so there is no excuse for not being a bit more adventurous – after all you can just delete any that don’t work…

With photographer Niel Stewert.

And remember – have fun!