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Website Marketing

Website Marketing

1 – There’s no sales funnel

• One of the biggest mistakes web designers do when creating a web site, is focus on the look of a site without giving thought to what they want a visitor to do.
• If you want customers to take a certain action, you need to create a sales funnel intended to guide them where you want them to go.
• Creating a clear conversion path not only helps customers feel more comfortable on your site, it also gives you clear data to track so that you can see where people are abandoning, where they’re engaging, etc. The more data you have to act on, the better you can design your site to attract new customers.

2 – There’s no sign of life

• Visitors to your site can be very discriminating.
• They’re going to check your copyright date to see if it lists 2012 or 2006. They’re going to look for old statistics or other signs you haven’t taken the time to update your content. They’re going to check your company blog to see how often it’s updated, if you reply to comments, if people are talking back, etc.
• Your site should be dynamic; visitors need to feel as though they will get an answer to their problem if it isn’t apparent on the site.
•  Before your customers get there, take a look around yourself. Would you hang out with you?

3 – It’s all about you

• Customers don’t head to your site to hear how awesome you are.
• They’re there because they have a problem they need you to fix, a question they need you to answer, an itch they need to scratch.
• Your website should be designed to help them quickly achieve whatever it is they came for. Read this article to know how to do that. Having a great website design is only half the battle, if it does not generate enquiries or is not functional, then really what is the point of having one in the first place? The creativity of Website Design Perth and their point of difference based on understanding the true User Experience of a modern website.
• Too many references to “I” too much sales talk instead of helpful information, and too much of you not addressing their fears/wants/desires will turn people away from your brand, not on to it.
• Your customers don’t care about you how big your company is or how many employees you have –they care about how you can help them.

4 – People can’t find your site

• If you’re finding that customers aren’t interacting with your website at all, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.
• Is your site search engine friendly, has it been submitted to the search engines.
• Are you advertising your site, anywhere?
• Is your domain name related to your company or your product?
• Simply having a website built and hosted online does will not guarantee a flood of interested
• Sometimes before you can see more traffic, you have to break through the obstacles preventing you from seeing any. Web 20 SEO provides a quick and easy way to earn backlinks, to get increased online exposure and more site traffic. GMB optimization services allow page optimization, promotions, and data-tailored decisions to ensure that results are delivered and goals are met.

5 – Visitors never come back…

• Continue the relationship with them after they have left your site
•  If you find that you are getting plenty of traffic to your site but no-one calls or sends in an enquiry.
• Firstly see the four reasons above.
• More often than not, people leave a site to either search for something similar, price check etc..
• They leave because they didn’t find the answer they were looking for.. Or their dinner is ready.
• You can maintain a relationship with your customers long after they have left by offering something of real value for them to download or access in exchange for their contact details.
Then you can continue the relationship.

One of my friends is a salesman through and through. He pounds the phones day after day cold calling businesses, trying to make appointments, get past secretaries, and gatekeeper to speak to the main man. He has some good days, but mainly they are bad.

Even when he does get the appointment he so desperately seeks, he’s still walks into the appointment on the back foot, his potential customer is still giving him a sideways glance and my friend has to spend half the meeting simply convincing the client that he’s trustworthy enough to even do the job, before he even gets onto the product he’s trying to sell.

Look – If cold calling really, actually works for you, then I suppose you should do
more of it.

Adverts that win awards rarely generate sales.  And adverts that sell rarely win awards

But most of the time, the phone calls aren’t really working that well in the first place.
And doing more of what already isn’t working is just dumb.  Plus, unsolicited phone calls just annoy people.

If you’re doing this right now, if this is you’re only marketing strategy, then chances are you’re wasting thousands.

Advertising is a crucial ingredient, yet it actually works against most companies.
But when it works in your favour, amazing things can happen.
All advertising MUST do one of two things:

1) Generate Sales or
2) Generate Sales Leads.

And do so in a measurable, quantifiable way.

If you do either of those things, you’ll have no problem ‘getting your name out there’
and you’ll also make money in the process.

But if you simply attempt to get your name out there, it’s very likely that you won’t generate sales OR sales leads.

Adverts that win awards rarely generate sales.  And adverts that sell rarely win awards.

People don’t expect nearly enough from their advertising, and they don’t hold it accountable for results.  So they waste thousands mainly because they don’t know any other way.

Then they start pounding their sales people for orders on the 26th of every month.

Most companies also try to make their advertising do too much.  Let me explain.

When you’re generating sales leads, you must remember that all you’re really trying to do is get people to raise their hands and identify themselves as someone who has a problem – and tell you who they are.

Anything beyond that dilutes the effectiveness of your ad.

So don’t make the mistake of telling them too much.  The purpose of pure lead generation advertising is NOT for you to tell them all about yourself – not in the first step anyway.

The purpose is for them to tell you who they are.

When you do this correctly, it’s simple, elegant, and outrageously effective.  And most importantly, nobody feels like you’re chasing them.

One last thing:
Everything you say in advertising must be very, very specific, including what you do , who you do it for and what you want your prospect to do.

If you’re busy being all things to all people then you’re probably not going to sell anything to anybody.

You must define a niche for your-self that’s reasonably unique, what can you offer your prospect of significant value to them which will help them take that first step.

The word unique is often overused, but in the case of 315 Bar & Restaurant, now open in Lepton, there really is nothing like it in the region.

The Grand Opening Tuesday 12th April was attended by The Mayor of Calderdale Clr Keith Watson and Mayoress Eileen Watson, with local Holmfirth artist Ashley Jackson giving a lively speech to the various contractors involved in the project. But you need to roll back the clock over six month to uncover the secret marketing ingredient that is being used to make 315 go from Zero to 100 miles an hour, just don’t forget that you need to know the definition of small business first, this way you will understand why your business needs a small business software.

With a string of successful event launches under their belt the team at Wilson Design House were approached to handle the marketing and initial launch of 315 Bar & Restaurant.

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